Cross Stitch on Regular Afghan Stitch

Copyright 1992 Vicki Becker


To do counted cross stitch you use a chart with a color key for the colors to be used.  Each square on the graph represents one bar on the afghan.  One cross stitch is worked over one vertical bar. 

Count the required number of bars to where you wish to begin.  Work the cross stitches as shown in figure 7,  being careful not to pull the stitches too tightly.  the top cross of each stitch should always lie in the same direction. 

Do not make knots!  Weave in all ends through stitches on the back of your work.  Bring the yarn through from back to front of the afghan.  Leave about an inch of yarn in the back to be worked over or woven in later. 

 Use yarn that is smaller than the yarn used to crochet the afghan.  If the yarn is the same size it will cause your afghan to "grow". 

You can either use a smaller yarn or separate the plys of the yarn you used to make the afghan.  If you used a 4 ply yarn to make the afghan either use a sport weight yarn to do the cross stitch or reduce the number of plys to two.

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