Duplicate Stitch on  Afghan Knit Stitch

Copyright 1992 Vicki Becker


The duplicate stitch is also worked from a graph.  Each square on the graph represents one stitch.  After you have completed the piece to work the duplicate stitch you must turn your work around.  This means that the edge you just bound off will be at the bottom and the foundation row will be at the top. 

Bring the needle and yarn up from the wrong side at the bottom center of a knit stitch.  Carry the needle and yarn around the loop of the stitch.  Pass both threads of the stitch above it.  Finish down at the bottom of the stitch in the same place you came up through.  See figures 8, 9, and 10.

Do make knots on the backside of your work.  Leave tails to weave in later.




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