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Checkers Knit Face Cloth

Copyright 2000 Vicki Becker


This  pattern is my own design. You may print the pattern for your personal use ONLY! You may not publish or post this pattern anywhere without my written permission. If you find a mistake in any pattern or need help check the pattern correction page or email me


Checkers Face Cloth 



2 oz.- 4 ply Cotton yarn

# 7 US knitting needles

Tapestry needle

Size: 11" x 11"

Gauge:  5sts = 1 inch   6 rows = 1 inch


Cast on 53 stitches

Work 6 rows garter st (knit each row).

Work for 10 inches in following pattern:  NOTE:  first and last 4 stitches of each row are worked in garter st for border.

Row 1: k4 (border) *k3, p3, k3 across row to last 4 sts k4 (border).

Row 2: k4 (border) *p3, k3, p3 across row to last 4 sts k4 (border).

Row 3: k4 (border) *k3, p3, k3 across row to last 4 sts k4 (border).

Rep these 3 rows for pattern.

Work 6 rows garter st (knit each row). 

Bind off loosely in k.

With tapestry needle weave in yarn ends.



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