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E-Patterns are patterns that are sent through e-mail.  E-Patterns provide a fast, effective way to receive patterns.  To receive E-Patterns you must have Windows 95 version or newer and an e-mail provider that is capable of receiving attachments. 

I sent E-Patterns in jpg format.  E-Patterns consist of a full color photo of the finished project and complete instructions. To receive E-Patterns you must either use Pay Pal or charge your order with your Visa or Master Card.  I do not have a shopping cart system yet but you can print the Order Form to mail or email the order to me.  Please see my  Privacy Policy and Customer Service pages for more information.

 If you would prefer not to receive patterns in this manner just add $1.00 shipping and handling to your order for each pattern. 

Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!


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