Sampler Afghan

Copyright 1992 Vicki Becker

Crochet this quilt inspired afghan and pillow.  The afghan is crocheted using the afghan stitch.  16 different quilt designs are cross stitched to make this country style afghan.



This  pattern is my own design. You may print the pattern for your personal use ONLY! You may not publish or post this pattern anywhere without my written permission. 






Sampler Afghan 



Size: (approx.) 55" x 57"

Hooks:  Afghan hook size N or 15mm and Crochet hook size N

Gauge: Afghan stitch - 7 bars and 5 rows = 2 inches


Use these colors or pick colors to match your decor!

Red Heart Classic 4 ply yarn

Color A - 40 oz White

Color B - 8 oz Country rose

Color C - 8 oz Gray

Color D - Rose Pink

Strip #1

Regular Afghan Stitch (Make 4)

With Color A, ch 34.  Work 32 rows A; 4 rows B; 32 rows A; 4 rows B; 32 rows A; 4 rows B; 32 rows A and bind off.

Strip #2

Regular Afghan Stitch (Make 3)

With Color B, ch 7.  Work 32 rows B; 4 rows C; 32 rows B; 4 rows C; 32 rows B; 4 rows C; 32 rows B and bind off.

Click here to get the 16 sampler graph designs I used or just use any of the graph patterns found on the free crochet pattern index page.    Cross Stitch using 2 ply (divide the 4 ply in half to use for Cross Stitching) Country rose, rose pink, and gray.

Weave the strips together in the following order; Strip #1; #2; #1; #2; #1; #2; #1.


Start in any corner sp; with Color C.

Rows 1-7:  Ch 2, 2 sc in same sp (corner made); sc in each st around, working 3 sc in each remaining corner sp.  Join with a sl st to top of ch 2.


Size:  (approx.) 13" x 16" excluding ruffle.

Pillow Cover Front:  With color B, ch 35.  Make 5 rows B; 34 rows A; 5 rows B; and bind off.

Side Strips: (Make 2):  With color D, ch 7.  Make 5 rows D; 34 rows B; 5 rows D; and bind off.

Weave these three pieces together for the cover front.

Cross Stitch a design from one of the graphs on the pillow front.

Pillow Cover Back:  With D, ch 48.  Make 45 rows D; and bind off.  

With wrong sides together, weave three sides of the pillow front and back together.  Do not cut yarn.  Set aside and make the inside pillow following the pillow instructions or purchase a 13" x 16" pillow form .  Insert the completed inside pillow into the pillow cover and finish weaving closed.


Row 1:  Start in any corner sp; with color B, ch 3; 2 dc in same sp as ch 3; dc in every sp around.  Join with a sl st to top of first ch 3.

Row 2:  Ch 3; 3 dc in next sp; (corner made), *dc in next sp; 2 dc in next sp; rep from * around, work 3 dc in remaining corners.  Join with a sl st to top of first ch 3.

Row 3:  Repeat row 2.  Fasten off.


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